Certified Master Practitioner of
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)  

·      Las Vegas resident since 1975, Reno resident from 2013 - 2015, 3 year resident of Arizona,

       6 month resident of Northern California and born and raised in Ohio


·      Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with honors - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
·      Graduate Student - University of Nevada, Las Vegas
·      Practitioner Certificate and Master Certificate in Neuro - Linguistic Programming
        earned from Grinder, Delozier & Associates
                Utilizes visualization techniques, music therapy, cognitive restructuring
                 techniques and touch therapy in conjunction with NLP


·      President of J. C. Tara Enterprises, Inc., Las Vegas, NV - 1993 to 2010

        **            Author and Publisher of “Forever Friends: Resolving Grief After The Loss Of

A Beloved Animal” (English - U.S. & Canada;                                                            Dutch - Europe - Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

        **            Speaking Engagements and Trade Shows


        NLP Counseling - 1986 - Local Las Vegas office


       **             Taught NLP communication skills and assisted clients in working through grief
                        associated with loss


·      Pet Loss Counseling - (Individuals and groups)

        **            Goals: Local Pet Loss Support Group and Hotline
        **            Training at UC Davis, California - Pet Loss Hotline


        **            Media presentations:  Articles in Las Vegas Review Journal, Latitude and 
                        The Idaho Statesman newspapers and Las Vegas Life and The Vegas Dog, 
                        guest speaker - radio and TV, wrote numerous articles for local animal
                        groups and guest speaker for local veterinary board, animal groups,
                        Nathan Adelson Hospice Volunteers, etc. Guest Pet Loss Facilitator 
                        for a counseling session on “The Pet Place Television Show”
                        (cable So. Calif-10/93), guest speaker-radio “KCEO-Doggie Talk”-San Diego,
                        3/94; featured guest speaker on America’s Health Network (cable),
                        “Ask the Veterinarian”- 6/9/98, featured radio talk speaker on
                        “Animal Forum”- 1/12/99, by the City of Henderson, NV., guest speaker
                        on “Dr. Kate” KTV - Las Vegas, Cable 42/TV 63 - 4/26/99, 
                        “The Pet Connection”- Channel 4 - 8/2/99, “Pet Passions”- Channel 5 - 8/6/99,
                        Channel 3 - 10/18/99, Cable 42 - 11/22/99 and Media Partners for

                        Pets - 11/7/00 & 11/21/01 – Las Vegas.

        **            Networked with:  Delta Society, UC Davis, Colorado State University,
                        American Animal Hospital Association, other support groups: St. Louis,
                        Denver, Florida and local psychologists; Humane Society of So. NV;
                        Animal Foundation of NV & Craig Road Pet Cemetery, Las Vegas, NV

     **             Author of several articles and is currently writing and producing booklets,                                     audio and videotapes covering various Pet Loss Counseling topics.

        **             Endorsed by the International Association of Pet Cemeteries


·      25 years - raised and showed German Shepherds

        **             President and officer of numerous kennel clubs
        **            Trained 4-H Groups to prepare their dogs for selection by the Pilot Dog
                        Program in Columbus, Ohio, trainers of dogs for capable blind persons
        **            TTouch training classes under Linda Tellington - Jones
        **            Obedience training under Milo Pearsall
        **            Confirmation Judging at AKC Puppy Matches




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