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Joan Coleman - Wood started doing Neuro - Linguistic Programming (NLP) counseling, in 1986. She taught individuals communication, rapport & negotiation skills and coping & recovery skills due to loss. In 1990, she added "Pet Loss counseling" to help fill a huge void that existed about pet loss after her own personal experiences of losing two pets.


Joan Coleman - Wood is currently a sole proprietor and was President of J.C. Tara Enterprises, Inc. from 1992 - 2010 and prior to that she was a sole proprietor since the 80’s.

Joan Coleman - Wood was recognized in the Las Vegas community for her work in Pet Loss Counseling. Some of her media presentations are: articles written on her in the L.V. Review Journal, guest speaker - radio and TV, written numerous articles for local animal groups and guest speaker for local veterinary board, animal groups, etc.

She developed programs for Nathan Adelson Hospice Volunteers, was a guest Pet Loss Facilitator for a counseling session on "The Pet Place Television Show" (cable Southern California - 10/93) and guest speaker – radio "KCEO-Doggie Talk"- San Diego, 3/20/94, featured guest speaker on American's Health Network (cable), "Ask the Veterinarian" on 6/9/98 and featured radio talk speaker on "Animal Forum" - 1/12/99, sponsored by the City of Henderson, Nevada guest speaker on "Dr. Kate" KTV – Las Vegas, Cable 42/TV 63 - 4/26/99, "The Pet Connection" - Channel 4 - 8/2/99, "Pet Passions" - Channel 5 - 8/6/99, Channel 3 - 10/18/99, Cable 42 - 11/12/99 and Media Partners for Pets - 11/7/00 & 11/21/01 - Las Vegas. She completed training at UC Davis, California - Pet Loss Hotline and is networked with: Delta Society, Colorado State University, American Animal Hospital Association other support groups: St. Louis, Denver, Florida and local psychologists; Humane Society of Southern Nevada; Animal Foundation of Nevada, Inc. and Craig Road Pet Cemetery, Las Vegas.  During 1993 - 1995, she participated in numerous tradeshows across the country from Florida to California. Having worked for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority over 11 years gave her excellent experience.

Since 1990, she has done extensive research on bereavement and Pet Loss, and found that there was very little literature available to the general public or veterinarians. She started writing an audio tape script, which grew into a book and other literature. Her book FOREVER FRIENDS: Resolving Grief After The Loss Of A Beloved Animal was completed in 1993. In the final planning stages are booklets, audio book, audio and video tapes covering numerous counseling topics.


Joan Coleman - Wood was President of J.C. Tara Enterprises, Inc. which she started in1992 till 2010, prior to that she was a sole proprietor since the 80's. She has been doing NLP Counseling since 1986, first originally instructing classes at UNLV, as a guest speaker and then into a private practice situation. She holds a B.A. in Psychology with honors from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), where she also was a graduate student. Her final education goal is obtaining a Ph.D. in Psychology. Relative to business, she also has over 20 years of accounting experience in Controller type positions and management, for small and large organizations and experience and education in grant writing.


Joan Coleman - Wood was very effective within the Greater Las Vegas community and through her books, tapes, seminars and classes hopes to help many more people, relative to Pet Loss on a regional and national basis.




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